Gorgeous! Please try our Dashimaki Tamago! # Fukushima Dashimaki Tamago # Fukushima Izakaya

This is the Fukushima branch of Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi.

Are you planning any fun summer events?
The month of July is fast approaching in just a few more days.
Now, summer drinking parties are always more exciting!
If you are in that mood, we are here to help!

With the call of "♦"! Please enjoy the exquisite "Dashimaki Tamago"♪ ◆◆

~ It's sure to be a lot of fun! ~ A great time to be a part of it!

We offer "Dashimaki Tamago (rolled egg)" which is perfect for summer nights when you want to have fun and excitement!
Why "dashimaki tamago" is so exciting...there are two key points.

(1) Until the customer says "stop," we pour more and more morsels of crab on top of the dashimaki tamago!
The staff will pour the morsels of crab over the top with a generous shout, so please enjoy it with us! the staff will pour the crab meat over the top and you can enjoy it with the crab!

While you and your friends are happily shouting and shouting, the dashimaki tamago is getting more and more gorgeous,
It's sure to be a lot of fun...! You're sure to have a great time!
This [Kani Bukkake Demaki Tamago 1,099 yen (tax included)] is a fun and tasty way to get excited,
This is our signature menu item that you cannot miss when you visit our restaurant!
We hope you will enjoy it!


~An excellent dish recommended for chopstick rest~!

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of tasty items that are perfect as chopstick rests!
Gobo no Gorigori Fried Burdock Roots" has an addictive texture and rich flavor of burdock root that you can't stop eating!
Homemade Thick Fried Tofu" is a hearty dish with a gentle tofu flavor and texture that is perfect for a break from chopsticks.
We hope you will enjoy our homemade delicacies!
There are many more dishes to choose from, so please try and find your favorite!


1 minute walk from JR Tozai Line Shin-Fukushima Station/Hanshin Line Fukushima Station.
Casual izakaya (Japanese-style bar) [Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Fukushima Branch
Enjoy a variety of fresh seafood from a variety of menus.
We hope you will visit our restaurant when you gather with us!


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Store Information

Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Fukushima
name of a store
Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Fukushima
address (e.g. of house)
5-11-2 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
1 minute walk from JR Tozai Line Shin-Fukushima Station.
Hanshin Honsen Line Fukushima station 1 min. walk
Phone number
Business Hours
17:00 - 24:00
(L.O. 23:30, Drink L.O. 23:30)

We charge 495 yen per person for a single dish, regardless of the time of day. Not applicable for infants and minors.
regular closing day
Settlement Method
Cash: acceptable 
Credit Card :. VISA  master  Amex  DINERS  JCB 
QR code payment :. Rakuten Pay  PayPay  d-payment  Alipay 
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